How Much Time Should Teens Play Online Games?

According to research, 78 percent of parents think that their teens spend less time playing online games than their peers. But in actuality, it has been found that teenagers spend the same amount of time gaming online as other children. And this amount of time is not only reflected in the money teenagers spend on video games it also reflects in the amount of active screen time they have. So how can parents limit their teen’s game playing time?

Screen time limits

While parents should try to avoid allowing their children to spend too much time on the computer, many haven’t thought through screen-time limits. Often, parents just ban the television dinners and put their digital devices away when speaking with their children. But limiting screen time for kids and teens can help prevent many negative consequences. These include gaming addiction, depression, anxiety, and poor sleep habits. By implementing a time limit, parents can prevent their children from becoming addicted to gaming.

Active screen time

While active screen time can be good for teen brain development, it can also betboo bad for their sanity. Teens attach meaning to their online presence and are notorious for binge-watching and investing their identities in these media. Monitor their screen time and talk to them about the content they consume. While it’s not necessary to ban the use of screens entirely, parents should encourage creative and productive screen time and not let the time consumed on them interfere with their other activities.

Money spent on video games

The UK media regulator, Ofcom, has released its latest report on the use of technology by children. It surveyed children to find out how much time they spend on online games by gender and age group. The study found that two thirds of children aged five to 15 years had ever played online games, and three-fourths said they had done so this year. Parents are increasingly concerned about the growing number of teenagers who spend hours online.

Limiting game time

In China, the government has announced that it will limit the amount of time teenagers can spend on online video games. But the new rules may not have the desired effect. Instead, they will backfire, with many young gamers turning to alternative forms of entertainment. While many will find other forms of

entertainment, some may simply resent the ban and seek to find ways to get around the ban. In these cases, they might even try to get around the restrictions by breaking the Great Firewall of China.

Creating rules with your teen

One of the best ways to monitor your teen’s online gaming time is to create rules. While it can be tempting to relax your rules, you cannot simply give in when your child is tired or distracted. You must also follow through with the consequences if your teen breaks a rule. You should be comfortable with your plan and be willing to enforce it if your teen breaks it. If you don’t have time to monitor your child’s gaming time, you’ll need to find another way to supervise your teen’s online activities.